What are E-Wallets?

The fascinating technology increasingly present around the world has provided casino customers with great convenience with the creation of virtual wallets (E-wallet), which have many functions, including making and receiving payments anywhere in the world. This way, players can buy their bankroll (the capital of the casinos to play) without having physical money in their hands.

What is E-wallet?

Diminutive of electronic-wallet, which translated means electronic wallet, is a program (software) that performs, stores and organizes transactions made online. Manages passwords, accepts and makes payments without the use of cash, cards or checks on site. They can be accessed through any computer or cell phone that is connected to the internet and has an application that can be downloaded.

How do they work?

When choosing the provider, downloading the e-wallet program, and installing it, you must enter the user’s personal information and enter the payment information, which is often via the credit card number but can also be through deposits. After these steps, the program will be able to be accessed by any website that is enabled for e-wallet, with the numbers and password already recorded, the program encodes this information and simply drag this data to the appropriate field on the website that the information will be transported and decoded automatically and the purchase is already made.

Casinos that will probably already have their site configured so that the player can buy their bankroll, and withdraw their winnings through this system, will ask for the payment information, and with the program running, the credit card numbers and the appropriate passwords. will be encrypted (encoded), will be available to their owner, and by dragging the data into the fields of the site, it will automatically decrypt the information and approve the purchase through the stored credit card number or deposits made previously as if it were a system of debits, in case of earnings, can be withdrawn at the bank branch.

Is it safe to use in casinos?

Considering all the usual precautions such as not having viruses that save all typed letters, having secure passwords, always remembering to log off (log out) in the program, not providing passwords to other people, among others, an e-wallet is a secure application.

With the 256-bit encryption of data, it is almost unlikely that a person who is behind the user watching their actions, will be able to decode them, as they have a password manager, they are stored in a protected way as well as the names, id, and PIN and when the user is idle for a certain time the program logs off itself, in addition to blocking access to cloned websites that steal the information.

In general, this technology came to revolutionize the gaming world and solve the problem of payment in the traditional way that took time to be made and the player ran the risk of losing a game if the bankroll was slow to fall, or even not being paid if the casino went bankrupt due to the delay in the transaction which is carried out almost instantly by the e-wallet also preventing robberies and theft of cash in hand.

It is a good option for players who have access to computers or cell phones that support the program and who do not want to worry about keeping their physical currency or the risk that other forms of payment offer.

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